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A Broken Barking Owl.

A Broken Barking Owl.

This week we had a different kind of patient in the clinic for an Orthopaedic surgery. This little Barking owl was brought in to us by a lovely member of public who rescued him from her yard.

On examination we could see necrotic and infected tissue on the top of his left wing. The mobility of his right leg suggested a possible fracture.  After these findings we obtained radiographs to see what injuries where present. The radiographs showed a midshaft fracture in his left radius, and a fracture of the right femur. Dr. Scott formulated a surgical plan and with one trip to Bunnings for a vital piece of equipment ‘Knead-it polymere’- a multipurpose hand kneadable fast setting epoxy putty, his plan was in action.

Our little patient was placed under a general anaesthetic where we prepped him for surgery. Once his tiny little femur was located the pinning process was underway. A tie in fixator and a pin was bent and secured in place with Knead-it polymer. His fractured wing was bandaged into place and he received some antibiotics to help combat the infection.

Post surgery he is now in the wonderful care of the Native Animal Rescue Broome team. He will return to the clinic in 4-6 weeks for follow up radiographs and removal of the pin. We have our fingers crossed for the recovery for this Barking owl and thank the community for the care and concern they have for our injured wildlife.