Lost Pets, Strays, and Rehoming in Broome

Lost Pets –

If your pet has gone missing please contact the shire rangers as they run the shire pound and often pick up animals that are wandering or have been found and handed in. Tel: 0407 382 079 or 08 9191 3456

Strays –

If you have found a stray animal please hand them over to the shire rangers who will check them for a microchip and hold onto them until they can be returned to their owners. Tel: 0407 382 079 or 08 9191 3456

Rehoming in Broome –

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Picture16_1SAFE Broome are the only rescue organization in Broome and they deal with a very large volume of animals that pass through the Broome pound . They are always looking for volunteers, carers and forever homes. Please contact them on : 0448 515 552 or [email protected]