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Meet Miss Maisie

Meet Miss Maisie

We would like to introduce young Maisie. Maisie is from Beagle Bay and has recently gone through major surgery in Perth.

We met Maisie at the start of December for spinal pain and acute loss of function to her hindlimbs. After pain relief and radiographs she was suspected to be suffering from a disease called Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD); this was later confirmed at Murdoch University in Perth following contrast imaging (Myelogram).

IVDD is a disease that we tend to see more commonly in smaller breed animals: Dachshunds seem to be more prone to suffer from this ailment. Essentially, it follows a traumatic episode such as jumping/ falling off the couch, stairs or bed. This then can cause the cartilage discs that sit between the vertebrae to push up into the spinal canal putting pressure onto the spinal cord and causing inflammation and swelling. As it’s an enclosed space, the inflammation and pressure results in the prevention/ disruption of nerve singles from the head to the legs.

Depending on the amount of disc material and inflammation, the signs will vary from an ataxic gait (drunken walk) to full loss of hindlimb function and paralysis. When full paralysis occurs, surgery is recommended to remove the material to restore the nerve signals and correct the paralysis.

We are pleased that Maisie is recovering from her surgery and know that she still has a long road ahead with rehabilitation, but her parents report that she is in good spirits and she still seems comfortable and happy. Preventing dogs from jumping on and off beds and running down staircases, especially in at-risk breeds can go a long way in preventing some of the cases we see.

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