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Dr Aimee the Flying Vet

Dr Aimee the Flying Vet

Aimee Flying VetIt was a 5:30am take-off and I was off on my way to see a patient approximately 500km east of Broome.

My transport for the day was a Cessna 210 and my pilot was Simon. We were heading to a station to treat a horse which I had been advising the owners about via email for a week previously. The owners decided that a visit was required and I was only too happy to oblige.

The flight took approximately 90 minutes and I spent 2.5 hours with the patient, Abby. Abby had run through a fence and had a nasty laceration to her left hind leg. The wound had grown in size since it first occurred, due to infection and dying tissue. Abby needed sedating so that the wound could be cleaned and all the dead tissue cut away. Without this procedure, known as surgical debridement, wound healing could not commence.

The healing process for such a large wound is a long one and the owners have months of dressing changes and careful wound management ahead.

The good news is that Abby did not damage her hock joint and should make a full recovery. Aimee the flying vet